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Learning how to use a 3D Printer

Learn how to use Printer

3D Printing is changing the world around us. Science fiction is suddenly no longer fiction. From 3D printed prosthetics and regenerative medicine to structures in space, many of these advances in science and manufacturing were prototyped on affordable 3D printer platforms.

Learning how to use a 3D printer will introduce you to the equipment, software, and people surrounding this new and exciting technology. Participants will learn about the types of files used in 3D printing and how to prepare those files to operate a 3D printer. Participants will also learn how to create simple objects to print.

This workshop is an essential first step into the world of 3D printing. Participants will receive a 3D printed object to take home. No prior experience necessary.

3D Scanning and Printing

Moceri 123D Catch

Welcome to Planet Xerox. Seriously - get ready to copy and paste the world around you in 3D. This 90 minute workshop will introduce 123D Catch; a freely available scanning application that creates amazing 3D models of people, objects and places by stitching together digital photographs.

Later in the summer, we will be offering a longer course in 3D scanning with multiple sessions, field trips to capture Chicago landmarks, and demonstrations of integrating scanned data with models made from scratch.

Participants should plan to bring their own laptop or iPad. 123D Catch is available for free from the Apple App store, via a web browser or downloaded from the 123D website:http://www.123dapp.com/catch

Turning Your Ideas into Physical Objects

Creative Ideas

3D printing is the best way to express your imagination! This class will teach you how to transform your great ideas into tangible objects. Whether you're making something for yourself or experimenting with the next big thing, this class will show you how 3D printing can make your dreams a reality.

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