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Post Processing

We offer spray painting, dyeing, sanding, clear coating, assembly and many other post processing options to make your model look more finished.

Add Hardware

Need your 3d printed parts to accommodate existing screws / Hinges / PCB Boards / USB Hubs / Anything? We can help!

Smart Splitting

If your model is bigger than our machine build volume, our experts can split your model into 2 or more pieces in the best way to make production possible. We will then add connecting features, such as lips, pegs, and holes where applicable.

File Validation

Our experts can check your files for potential printability issues, fitment issues, etc. and resolve these issues.

Evaluation / Troubleshooting

We can test the fitments and the mechanism of your parts, and provide useful design changes if applicable.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

We offer our NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) form if you wish your project to remain a secret.