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You need CAD files to 3D Print!

If you don’t have a CAD file ready, our exports can help you make these files of you own. Call or email us to get started. When quoting your project, we need some very basic info: Length, Width and Height and a brief description of your object you want to 3d print. Pictures/ schematics/ drawings will also help a lot.

We offer the following design services:

CAD Files from Ideas/ Drawings

Important factors that determine design difficulty: Does your part fits an existing part? Is your part weight-bearing? Is your part flexible? Does your part needs to be assembled?

Reverse Engineering

Get your 3d file by bring/ sending us an existing object. Our experts can outperform in terms of speed ,accuracy and cost on most reverse engineering projects compared to 3D Scanning, which usually start from $500 for simple parts.

File Repair/ Modification

Many 3D files come with errors, and we offer free repairs on simple errors. We can also resize/ stretch your parts for free prior to 3d printing. In addition, we can modify parts per your request.