Julie Friedman Steele speaks at TechWeek Chicago

3DPX founder and CEO Julie Friedman Steele spoke at Chicago Techweek last Friday as part of the Technical Track. The title of her talk was “The 3D Printing Wormhole,” and she took a unique approach to discussing this revolutionary technology.


Instead of wading into mundane technical specifications and traditional business operations, Julie focused on the ability of 3D printing to captivate individuals’ imagination and inspire them to free themselves from traditional thinking. 3D printing has the ability to disrupt traditional business models and enable people to re-focus on their ability to create, discover, and explore the Universe.


It’s easy to get caught up in the quarterly earnings report or the latest news story about 3D printing technology being used in a new way – but it’s important to place these things in the larger context of the technological revolution taking place all around us. Change is happening faster every day, and even the near future will be wildly different from the world we’ve grown accustomed to. Keep an open mind and a sense of wonder, and you’ll be ready for what’s coming.

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